I have always known the traditional 9-5 was not for me. Year after year I have found myself creating a blog and never following through, for fear of being like everyone else, what people might say and truthfully, having a hard time finding my own voice. This past year has been monumental, I lost my beloved mother unexpectedly to a rare cancer and have not fully recovered from her loss. I started a non-profit in her memory called The Olivia Project, raising awareness to Leiomyosarcoma and helping others with cancer.
Since her passing I've realized life is short and we aren't promised tomorrow. So, I'm finally breaking free from my shell and jumping in head first. This is the year I fight away fear, live my life while honoring my mom, hence the name Just Living (which is also a combination of both my name, Justine and hers Olivia.....Just Liv)
I've always enjoyed cooking and creating recipes, hosting parties with friends, providing my best gal pals with skincare advice and the best products to use and fighting for whats right. So, what better way to create a platform and combine all of those magical elements together!
xo, Justine

Just Living 

Justine Garcia


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